Welcome to the most fun to play Video Poker to date.

This Jacks or Better Video Poker contains all the fun you'd expect of Video Poker,
made super playable by the excellent multi touch controls and the adjustable card deal speed.

The Hi-Low Double Up gamble allows you to double up your win into millions,
if not billions/trillions or even quadrillions of credits.

Hi-Lo Video Poker will provide countless hours of fun entertainment on Android, Apple and Windows devices.

The game is a standard Jacks or Better Video Poker game.
You get dealt a hand of five cards in which you can hold/discard any of the five cards.
Upon drawing you will receive your final hand. You win with any combination equal to or higher then a pair of jacks.
Any win can be gambled, which activates the super fun Hi-Low Double Up gamble.
In this gamble, you are presented with a card, and the option to bet higher or lower.
Bet right and you double your win. Bet wrong, and you lose it all!

- Uncontrolled and fully random Video Poker.
- Hold strategy advice.
- Auto Hold option (to make it easier to reach that awesome gamble).
- Auto Gamble option (to prevent accidental collecting).
- Higher/Lower Double Up gamble.
- Tons of buyable power ups, where you can spend the millions of credits made in the gamble.
- The ability to change a card once in the gamble.
- Mega gamble that is uncontrolled and runs fully random.
- Ultra gamble that can be leveled up for an even higher win chance in the gamble.
- Use Jokers to help you pass tough gambles without the risk of losing.
- Over one hundred Achievements.
- Poker and Gamble Statistics.
- Hours and hours of ridiculous play fun, try doubling up that win into QUADRILLIONS of credits.




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Available now!
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